Katinka Lampe

Do you like me now?
16.03.2013 - 27.04.2013

On March the 16th an exhibition of new work by Katinka Lampe will open at Galerie Ron Mandos. Her latest series of paintings entitled DO YOU LIKE ME NOW? signifies a new chapter in her oeuvre. Next to this, the intriguing photographic series In My Skin by Michelle Sank will be exhibited. Both bodies of work present young people and look into how they relate to themselves and their own ideals of beauty.

Katinka Lampe

Katinka Lampe’s new paintings are inspired by a YouTube-trend of 2012 ‘Tell me what you think about’. A large number of teenage girls and boys videod themselves in their homes and asked their audience to rate their looks. These webcam clips show us teenagers at their most vulnerable, asking very base and personal questions: Am I ugly? Do you like me? What do you think about me?’

Referring to one particular uploaded film entitled ‘Do you like me now?’ Lampe comments, “I feel the danger inherent in this search for confirmation of ones identity becomes immediately apparent in the video. You feel the desperation and insecurity bound up in this asking. In this case it is not an innocent question anymore.” It is this tipping point that Lampe looks for in her painting process. She asks her models to take this particular video into their thoughts and find a pose which says: Do you like me now?

Michelle Sank

Michelle Sank was born in Cape Town, South Africa. She left there in 1978 and has been living in England since 1987. Her images reflect a preoccupation with the human condition and to this end can be viewed as social documentary. Her work encompasses issues around social and cultural diversity. (Courtesey Gallery Vassie)

OPENING The festive opening of this exhibition will take place on Saturday the 16th of March 2013 from 17.00 – 19.00. Both artists will be present.