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Rob Johannesma is interested in images or, more specifically, the symbolic potential of images and the way this potential vacillates between historic and artistic spheres. During the last few years, Johannesma developed a complex methodology of collecting images, newspaper pages, footage and contrasting photographic icons and tropes from the global media. Each image, when juxtaposed with others and comparatively analysed, provokes a concentrated re-reading or double take. Within the glut of visual material one is exposed to each day, the offering of alternate image banks (as Johannesma does) ultimately transforms one’s understanding of the roles of repetition, accumulation, and framing in the making and breaking of worldviews.

One of the best-known rally cries of the 1968 student uprisings in Paris was ‘Sous les pavés, la plage!’ (Under the pavement, the beach!). This statement heralded an understanding of history and the state as conditional, malleable, transient. And indeed, much of the coverage of contemporary demonstrations—such as those against globalisation and the financial collapse, the Arab Spring, the Occupy movement—by social media and the press implies a fleeting  temporality.

It is this tension between the desire for radical change and the seeming intransigence of certain institutions that led artist Johannesma to create Spots of Time (2013). The work is a multichannel digital slide show that presents a compilation of newspaper pages and photographs from 2008 to the present that capture this phenomenon. As re-photographed by the artist multiple times and transferred to a different medium, each image guides our view beyond its immediate take as news to a more abstract reading of information. Although the language of the archive might seem incompatible with the spectacular nature of revolutions, Johannesma uses his role as an artist who understands and appreciates the complexities of image-making to create a compendium of the architecture, the objects, and the issues of freedom and citizenship embroiled in such occurrences. His conservation of moments of these ongoing struggles stands as an example of what playwright Bertolt Brecht called ermattungstaktik(‘tactics of attrition’), and the creative efforts of imagination and dedication, through which, however short the duration, the challenges of this world will eventually give way.

Text by Clare Butcher

2009- 2010
Wiels, Brussels, BE

The American Academie/KNIR, Rome, IT

Villa Concordia, Bamberg, DE

De Ateliers, Amsterdam, NL

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Rob Johannesma, Galerie Paul Andriesse, Amsterdam, NL

Rob Johannesma, Galerie Zürcher, Paris, FR 
Rob Johannesma, Galerie Paul Andriesse, Amsterdam, NL

Kunstbunker, Forum für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Nuremberg, DE
Kamm Galerie, Berlin, DE
Flatland Gallery, Utrecht, NL
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Rob Johannesma, De Ateliers, Amsterdam

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