Krištof Kintera














Kunsthal Rotterdam, 2015

Public Juke Box, 2013-2014

Nervous Trees, 2013

It Is Beginning, 2004

I Am Sick Of It All, 2003

Krištof Kintera (1973) is probably today’s most challenging and respected artist working in the Czech Republic. His works mainly explore the boundaries of contemporary sculpture. Kintera’s practice unfolds from public installations to small kinetic devices. What makes his work special is that he despite this obvious catchiness; he is able to make sharp, often intuitive decisions that produce a far more multi-layered experience. This results in poetic images and an ambiguity, notably in his sculptures, in their engagement with main topics of our times.

The artist oeuvre is rooted in the ‘after the wall’ period of the 90’s, a decade of wild capitalisation in Central and Eastern Europe accompanied by aggressive advertising campaigns in the public space. In this period Kintera produced his now famous Appliances series. These beautiful products, sculptures slickly enclosed in commercial packaging have no other goal than to seduce you. These absurd household appliances clearly illustrate the artist’s ability to create sculptures that are iconic works by engaging with the materiality of objects and with issues of ecology and consumption.


After his residency at the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten in Amsterdam (NL) Kintera’s work has become increasingly communicative and energized; producing pieces that talk, smoke, move, bang and buzz. Simultaneously a shift has taken place in his choice of materials. The materials of his sculptures maintain their physical presence and identity while now being penetrated by other objects. 

In Kintera’s world, fragile trees move nervously, affected by the global issues of our time. He avoids this through playful, creative and direct communication with the audience, as well as paradoxical and ambiguous elements in the work.

Krištof Kintera - 09/20/1973 -- Prague
Studies: 1992 -- 99 Academy of Fine Arts, Prague, Czech Rep.
2003 -- 04 Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten - Amsterdam, Netherland
Lives and works in Prague.

Solo exhibitions:

"We all want to be cleaned", Gong, Ostrava
"Jsem kus klacku natřenej na bílo", Galerie Zdenek Sklenář, Litomyšl

"My Light in Pieces", Polanski Gallery, Brno, Czech Rep.
"Nervous Trees", Galerie Rudolfinum, Prague, Czech Rep.
"Postnaturalia", Maramotti Collection, Reggio Emilia, Italy

"Natural Nervosity", Kunsthalle LAB, Bratislava, Slovakia

"May Be It Is Here", Ron Mandos Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherland
"Your Light is My Life", Kunsthal Rotterdam, Netherland

"Oh, No!", Nevan Contempo Gallery, Prague, Czech Rep.
"I am not you", Tinguely Museum, Basel, Swizerland
"Nervous Trees", Galerie/Schleicher Lange, Berlin, Germany

"Bad News", Galerie Jiří Švestka, Berlin, Germany
"Hollywoodoo", MEM-Fait Gallery, Brno, Czech Rep.
"Symptoms of Nervosities", Galerie D+T Project, Brusel, Belgium
"Nervous", Galerie Města Blanska, Czech Rep.

"Black Flag", Make Up Gallery, Košice, Slovakia
"Demon of the Growth", Galerie Schleicher/Lange, Berlin, Germany
"Výsledky Analyzy", Galerie Hlavního Města Prahy, Městská knohovna, Praha
"Analysis Results", La Station, Nice, France

"There is No Way to Go Now", Obední Dům, Opava Czech Rep.

"Unhappy Coincidence", Galerie Ho, Marseille, France
"A Bigger Problem Than Yours", Galerie JIří Švestka, Berlin, Germany
The Bigger Problem Than Yours, Jiri Svestka Gallery, Prague

"Lay Down and Shine", gallery Schleicher Lange, Paris, France
"Holy Spirit Opened", Dům umění, Ostrava, Czech Rep.

"Holy Spirit Opened", Galerie Brno, Brno, Czech Rep.
"Believe it or not", Východočeská galerie, Pardubice, Czech Rep.
"One or two or crowd", Dominik Art Project, Krakow, Poland
"Miracle", Fundament Fundation, Tilburg, Netherland
"Rituals", V.M. 21 arte contemporanea, Rome, Italy
Volta NY, New York, USA
"It and bicycle", Prostějovské muzeum umění, Prostějov, Czech. Rep.

"Problems on top of problems", Galerie Schleicher+Lange, Paris, France
"The weather is changing", A.M. 180, Prague, Czech Republic

"Revolution", Galeria Potocka, Krakow, Poland
"Carry on as if Everything Was Alright", Galerie Schleicher und Lange, Paris, France
"I am sick of it all", Moravská galerie, Brno, Czech Rep.
"Hrubý Domácí Produkt", Galerie Štenberk, Czech Rep.

"Power-Play", Galerie Mázhaus, Pardubice, Czech Rep.

„Super Natural Special Real", Jiří Švestka gallery, Prague, Czech Rep.
"We´ve got the power!", One man show -- art fair Brusel, Belgium

"Can you show me what´s in your bag?" Gallery Open, Bratislava, Slovak Rep.
"Privat Revolution", Galerie v Kapli, Bruntál, Czech Rep.

Gallery 761, Ostrava, Czech Republic
"Are you all right?" Czech center Munich, Germany
"Are you all right?", La Chaufferie, Strasbourg, France
"It won´t be better!", Gallery Skuc, Ljubljana, Slovenia
"Lepší už to nebude !", Gallery Behémot, Czech Republic

Gallery of E.Filla, Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic

"Talkmen", Gallery of the City of Prague, Prague, Czech Rep.
"Painting is watching you", Sternmberský palac, National Gallery Prague, Czech rep.

Gallery U kamene, Cheb, Czech Republic

Gallery Ruce, Prague, Czech Republic¬

"Plumbař", Gallery Mladých, Brno, Czech Republic


Performances with Jednotka/Unit:

2002 "Talkmen"
2000 "Ikebana"
1998 "Live"
"Mr. TV"
"Art Dealer"
1997 "An Argument" 1996 "From the bush"
1994 "Explosion"
"A Walk",
"The Bible",
1993 "Message in the bottle"
"The Granary"
"The Picnic"
"The Fly"

Other Projects:

Curating group exhibition: "Gross Domestic Product" at Prague City Gallery
Designing media campaign and interior design for Prague Quadrennial 2007

Designing promo boot for Prague Quadrennial 2007
2 sculptures for National Museum, exhibition Golden Age of Media
creating media campaign and Tv spot for "One World" -- international documentary film festival

working as graphic designer for several art institutuions like Goethe Institut Prague, Prague Quadriennale, Prague City Gallery etc. 2002 creating TV advert for National Theatre -- Looks of Contemporary Drama

01 founding venue and working as an artistic director in alternative multicultural space UNIVERSAL NOD in Prague,

designing stage design and acting in theatre performance "Passanger" of Jednotka/Unit /performed: Czech rep., Slovakia, Chroatia, Germany, more: 

designing stage design and acting in theatre street performance "The Life of Fantasy" of Jednotka/Unit /performed in 1999-2000 Czech rep., Slovenia, Italy, Ukraine, Lithuania, Chroatia, Germany/, touring 1999-2002

designing and making Internet café interior for Café 1998 designing multimedia theatre project "Strange things" of Jednotka/Unit /performed in theatre Alfred ve Dvore -- Prague and theatre festival Kolin

stage design in Dejvicke theatre -- Prague

Stipendiums, scholarships, support:

- Ohio State University, 1995, Columbus Ohio , USA
- Germinations X, 1997, Birmingham , England
- Willa Waldberta, 2001, Germany
- Jana und Milan Jelinek Stiftung
- Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten Amsterdam, 2003-4, Netherland

In collection of:

Fogg Art Museum of Harvard University, Boston; National Gallery, Prague,
City Gallery Prague; Museum der Moderne, Salzburg; Rubell Family Collection, Miami, Collezione Maramotti, Italy,; Jerry Speyer Collection, New York; Thomas Olbricht Collection, Essen; Kadist Art Fundation, Paris, Ludwig Museum, Budapest, Michel Fedoroff Collection, Barbierato Collection, Italy, MOCAK -- Museum of Contemporary Art - Krakow, Europaisches Patentamt -- Munchen, Rosenblum Collection & Friends, Paris,Thomas D. Newbold, Collet, Lettenmayer Collection, Prague, Boghossian Foundation, Brussels, and other private collections in Berlin, Bratislava, Geneva, Paris, Prague, Rome, etc.

- "Personality of the Year 2011"
- Honour prize of Soros centrum of Contemporary Art, Bratislava, Slovak Republic 1996
- Prague Biennale II, 2005

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Group exhibitions:

"Eco Visionaries -- Art and Architecture after Anthropocene", Lisabon, Portugal
"Hidden Beauty" Galerie Sara Zanin, Rome, Italy
"8", Kali gallery, Lucern, Switzerland

Sulle vie dell'Illuminazione, MASI Lugano, Switzerland
„Kmeny" Moravská galerie, Brno, Czech Republic 
"My Light is Your Light", Watou, Belgium
"New Black Romanticism", Muzeul National de Arta al Romaniei, Bukurest, Romania
Kunstlerhause Bethanien, Berlin, Germany
"Prague Power Boost", Ludwig Museum Koblenz

"GOLEM" Jewish Museum Berlin, Germany 
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„Public Juke Box", Oerol, Terchelling, Netherland
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„132,54 m2", Schleicher/ Lange Bertlin, Germany

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