19.11.2016 - 27.11.2016

Open: Fr, Sa, Su 11-19 hrs // Mo, Tu, We, Th 12-18 hrs 
Entrance: € 7,50 — free for children

For 10 days the iconic building of Capital C Amsterdam will be filled with XL artworks by contemporary artists and designers. A unique mix of acclaimed names and upcoming talents, monumental paintings, drawings, large sculptures, big photos and huge installations. On show, and for sale!

KATINKA LAMPE (NL, 1963) Lampe paints portraits or at least, you can clearly recognize the representation of a person. Yet, this is not the main motive of the painting. The portrait merely serves as reason to make the painting. The portrait is the imagery concept. Her paintings greatly appeal to the beholders. 

During BIG ART her largest painting ever will be on show. The work is part  of the Do you like me now – series which are inspired by a YouTube-trend of 2012 ‘Tell me what you think about’. A large number of teenage girls and boys videod themselves in their homes and asked their audience to rate their looks. These webcam clips show us teenagers at their most vulnerable, asking very base and personal questions: Am I ugly? Do you like me? What do you think about me?’ Referring to one particular uploaded film entitled ‘Do you like me now?’ Lampe comments, “I feel the danger inherent in this search for confirmation of ones identity becomes immediately apparent in the video. You feel the desperation and insecurity bound up in this asking. In this case it is not an innocent question anymore.” It is this tipping point that Lampe looks for in her painting process. She asks her models to take this particular video into their thoughts and find a pose which says: Do you like me now? Katinka Lampe is represented in The Netherlands, France and Korea. Her work has been presented in many (inter)national solo and group exhibitions and can be found in numerous public and private collections.

CHRISTIAAN ZWANIKKEN (NL 1967) On show during BIG ART will be Zwanniken’s project Nose Patrol (2015). Zwanniken has received international recognition through his kinetic and mechanical sculptures, sound works, performative and responsive installations. Using a variety of sculptural media, robotics, biology, micro-controllers, and sound— his work is both an artistic and technological experiment in which innovation and invention plays an important role. Nose Patrol is an interactive kinetic sculpture, which diffuses a certain scent. Zwanniken’s ‘scent canon’ transcends the boundaries of a traditional sculpture and shows us an exhilarating contemporary alternative. His work has been presented a.o. in solo and group exhibitions at the Museum of Natural History (NYC), Exit 2011 (Paris), ISEA2012 (Albuquerque), Kinetica Museum (London), Museum Tingeuly (Basel), Kunsthaus Graz (Austria), ICC Centre (Tokyo), National Galerie (Prague), Taipei Fine Arts Museum (Taiwan), Museu del Chopo (Mexico-City), and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (Netherlands). In 2014 he had a major retrospective show at Museum Het Valkhof (Netherlands).