Art Rotterdam

Van Nellefabriek, Van Nelleweg 1, Rotterdam, booth 30
07.02.2018 - 11.02.2018

| Main section 
LEVI VAN VELUW (NL, 1985) produces multi-disciplinary works that include photographs, videos, sculptures, installations and drawings. His layered multi-disciplinary pieces of sublime design, modernist architecture and disruptive environments possess a strange, unreal beauty with no perception of time, space and reality. Many of his works feature a combination of grids and geometric forms, which explore the idea of a deep immeasurable space. 

Van Veluw's varied body of work has been show- cased in many locations, earning him a number of nominations and awards. His works were shown at Museum of Arts and Design (New York), Marres House for Contemporary Culture (Maastricht), Manifesta Foundation (Amsterdam), Maison Particulière (Brussels), De Hallen (Haarlem), Museum of Image and Sound (São Paulo), The Museum of Old and New Art (Berriedale), The Phillips Collection (Washington DC) and The Bass Museum of Art (Miami). 

KONRAD WYREBEK's (CZ, 19xx) large-format abstract paintings examine the relationship of mark-makings between the emotional artist's hand and rational technology. The question is also raised as to how far and how soon, humanity is losing itself in the digital; how far we are already embarked on a journey that merges mind and body with machine.

Wyrebek is British-Polish artist living and working in London. His work was shown a.o. at Solyanka Art Museum (Moscow), Point Zero Project Space (London), Royal Academy and Museum of Contemporary Art (London). The C Art Collection (Milan). Wyrebek is the recipient of the 2011 Sir John Cass Sculpture Prize, along with both the John Burn Sponsorship Award for 3D-Printing and the Metropolitan Works Sponsorship Award for Rapid Prototyping, both in 2011. 

WONKUN JUN (KR, 1970) uses colour as the primary focus, it is a fundamental element in Jun's paintings, which explore colour relationships and abstract fields of monochrome. The result is what Jun considers a glimpse into his consciousness-colour relationships that convey feeling and visualize his emotions, and which are imbued with an aura, a sense of age, and mystery. 

After his degrees in Seoul and Dusseldorf, Jun still lives and works in Dusseldorf. He has exhibited internationally in a.o. Korea, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, United States and Singapore. Jun is a former resident artist at Mark Rothko Center, Latvia and National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea and his works were recently collected by renowned minimal painter Imi Knoebel.

DANIEL ARSHAM (US, 1980) straddles the line between art, architecture and performance. His sculptural works are poetic constructions made up of juxtapositions of form and material. Arsham offers a brief glimpse into our current culture and its signifiers, as if seen far off into the future. Since 2016 he is using this particular crystalline calcite, each piece radiates an intense blue, the shock of color opening up Arsham's artistic lexicon, a byproduct from his research and results into correcting his inherent colorblindness. 

Arsham is a New York based artist raised in Miami. In 2004 legendary choreographer Merce Cunningham asked Arsham to create the stage design. Arsham's first stage design for Cunningham was acquired by The Walker Museum. His work has been shown at PS1 (New York), The Museum of Contemporary Art (Miami), The New Museum (New York), Mills College Art Museum (Oakland) and Carré d'Art de Nîmes among others.


| Projections
HANS OP DE BEECK (BE, 1969) produces large installations, sculptures, films, drawings, paintings, photographs and texts. His work is a reflection on our complex society and the universal questions of meaning and mortality that resonate within it. He regards man as a being who stages the world around him in a tragi-comic way. Above all, Op de Beeck is keen to stimulate the viewers' senses, and invite them to really experience the image. He seeks to create a form of visual fiction that delivers a moment of wonder, silence and introspection.

ON SHOW The Girl, Animation film, 16'00", Full HD, colour, sound, Edition of 10 + 2 AP, 2017 

The Girl is a slow, suggestive, perception-oriented animated film in which the viewer is transported to the strange world of a silent, 14-year-old girl. The dreamy landscape images show a dark forest, a vast landfill, a gas station, a highway landscape, a meadow, a factory site and a mysterious lake. Amidst all this stands an old caravan. The scene seems to suggest that the protagonist leads a lonely life on these premises. For a further unspecified reason, she must at one time have left her parental home, which is presented to us at the beginning of the film, both in perfect condition, and later in a neglected, abandoned state.

In a variety of different landscapes, we see the girl perform small acts such as gather usable waste or pick herbs. We often get to see her cargo bike; the vehicle she uses to gather the bear necessities in order to survive. Nighttime, breaking dawn, wind, rain, fog, cold and warming fire are present throughout the film. Occasionally, we get to see the girl - resting serenely - from up close, as if we were right beside her, and could feel her breath. At the end of the film we understand that she is resting on a raft in the lake, floating, passive, as a metaphor for surrender. An original soundtrack for the film was composed by Tom Pintens, on a text by the artist.

Op de Beeck was born in Turnhout in 1969. He lives and works in Brussels and Gooik, Belgium. He has shown his work extensively in solo and group exhibitions around the world. The Smithsonian's Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden (Washington DC), Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg (Wolfsburg), GEM Museum of Contemporary Art (The Hague), MUHKA Museum of Contemporary Art (Antwerp), Kunstverein Hannover, Tampa Museum of Art (Tampa) and Sammlung Goetz (Munich). His work has been invited for the Venice Biennale, the Shanghai Biennale, the Aichi Triennale, the Singapore Biennale, Tate Modern, London; amongst many others.