Art Rotterdam

Opening: Wednesday February 4
Van Nellefabriek Rotterdam
05.02.2015 - 08.02.2015

MAIN FAIR, booth #31: Katinka Lampe | Marc Mulders | Best of RM

Galerie Ron Mandos proudly presents the installation In the in between, with work by renowned artists Katinka Lampe and Marc Mulders. Accompanied by the most acclaimed works of the past year: Best of Ron Mandos including work by artists Hans Op de Beeck, Jasper de Beijer, Rob Johannesma, Isaac Julien and Levi Veluw.

About In the in between: Many recent media images, from IS-­scenes to reality television programs, are confronting due to their uncensored violence. In these brutalities, the face of a victim or perpetrator is often completely or partially covered. This masking functions as a buffer, as an, “in between” from the facial expression to the outside world. This creates a mental space of power and mysticism. A similar scrambling occurs in nature, for example with fog or dew. This creates an intermediate reality full of secrets.

These are the secrets that Lampe and Mulders investigate and enlarge: painting a veil in front of the face and painting a curtain of mist above the field. They deal with the same kind of scenic problems. The sharp reality of the portrait and of the landscape becomes masked and distorted. Lampe and Mulders try to shape the elusive during In the in between.

Katinka Lampe (Tilburg, 1963) depicts the model seeking the moment of showing and hiding. Katinka Lampe’s quest for the ultimate weight of the extra layer in the painting to be unveiled is searched for In the in between.

Marc Mulders (Tilburg, 1958) is moved by nature. He brings together the foreground of a flower field and the vista behind it together in a 'curtain' of paint, using the weather conditions, he creates a veiled light.

PROJECTIONS: the new video work Night time by Hans Op de Beeck will have its Dutch premiere during Art Rotterdam.

In the presentation of We Like Art and the Prospects & Concepts exhibition, work by Jan Hoek is shown. At the fairground DordtYart shows sculptures by Nika Neelova.