Art Rotterdam

Van Nellefabriek, Stand #63
Van Nellefabriek - Van Nelleweg 1 - 3044BC Rotterdam
06.02.2014 - 09.02.2014

MAIN FAIR, booth #63
ON SHOW Johannesma / Daniel Arsham / Hans Op de Beeck / Jacco Olivier

Rob Johannesma is interested in images or, more specifically, the symbolic potential of images and the way this potential vacillates between historic and artistic spheres. During the last few years, Johannesma developed a complex methodology of collecting images, newspaper pages, footage and contrasting photographic icons and tropes from the global media.

We are delighted to exhibit ten new water colors by the well-known Hans Op de Beeck. There will be several works (sculptures and goaches) on show by international talent Daniel Arsham from his #TOMORROWSPAST-series.  As well as the video by Jacco Olivier at Projections, we will present smaller, beautiful paintings in our booth.

PROJECTIONS Pav de Flore by Jacco Olivier
A fathomless universe of brushstrokes, lines, dots and smudges glides by in gradual metamorphosis. Jacco Olivier uses video technology to change the face of painting. Something magical happens as he constructs his paintings using generous, casual brushstrokes, systematically photographing every stage of development and then transforming the photographic images into projected animations. The dynamism of the creative process itself becomes the key focus of the video artwork. 




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